What do I say – what do I say?

An incredible fun-filled event filled with energy/positivity/engagement and unison. As I told Chris….this is truly an exercise in unison without verbal communication.

Everyone in the room totally enjoyed themselves…and I will share the pics with you – once I review them.
Please thank your team, and I certainly look forward to a future event with all of you.
Have yourself a delightful weekend….

Katerina Tzaneteas 
Aboriginal Relations Branch | Ministry of Transportation


On behalf of Brian Morrissey, Craig Pardy and myself just wanted to thank you again for a great kick-off to our conference – it was a great way to get the energy going and tied in very well with our goals for the next 3 days and beyond.
Janice Grant



Thank you again for a SUPERB session last night!!! All of our guests were
raving about the activity. What a way to close out an event!

Kelly Saunderson
Corporate and Public Affairs 

Manitoba Harvest


Jay and his group were awesome, as usual.  They are such an easy
group to work with and always very positive and upbeat.  Our students this year
seemed very excited and became very involved during the performance.

Suzanne Letain
Brandon University 


Thanks so much for the incredible job with our Sales Celebration. Everyone loved the Drum Cafe, it was a big hit. The guys were awesome and everything went well, thanks again. Hopefully we do business with you guys again. I will certainly pass on contact information to others within the center as many heard about the great job you guys did.

Kushalini Pathmanathan 
Manager – Retail Sales


What a fantastic experience, every bit as wonderful as I remember from when I attended a CAFCE conference in Kingston a couple of years ago.

Martin was dynamic and his team was wonderful.

I wanted to let you know that having the drums in ahead of time worked out really well. From the beginning our Director had the students respond to questions like “How many of you are bilingual? How many foreign students? How many commerce students?” with the drums, and it brightened the atmosphere and added energy right from the beginning. The students then took it upon themselves to play the drums instead of applauding the speakers that came afterwards. There was no audible distraction during the speeches themselves.

Thank you for your patience with all my questions. Dealing from within a university environment involves so many different rules and regulations that I needed a lot of answers, and you provided them.

It was a pleasure working with you.

Louise Lalonde

Officer, Communications and Marketing | Responsable, Communications et Marketing
Institute for Co-operative Education | Institut d’enseignement coopératif
Concordia University | Université Concordia


Thanks so much for providing an anchoring experience to open our 2011
Sustainable Brands Conference. Your participative drumming experience
helped instantly create a sense of excitement and community participation
that set the tone for the week for what our attendees widely characterized
as a dynamic, best ever conference experience. We felt we were taking a
risk leading an executive level business conference with such an
experience, but it turned out to be a terrific decision. I can’t imagine
you won’t see additional business coming from our audience of brand
leaders as we heard across the board that the experience was a complete

Thanks so much for the contribution, and all best with the further growth
and development of your business!

KoAnn Skrzyniarz



Thanks to your team for making our Finance & Planning division meeting a tremendous success yesterday! Your team was awesome and everyone had a great time.

I appreciate the extra effort you put into personalizing the experience, and our employees were impressed that you quoted the Brand Beliefs and truly incorporated our corporate mission into the performance. In fact, that led to some fun discussion around whether Chris had memorized the info or taped it to the drum – either way, it made for a very memorable experience for everyone.

Congratulations on a job well done, and thanks again for your time and efforts in the planning and execution of this event. Hopefully Horace Mann will have additional opportunities to engage Drum Café again in the future.


Sheila Wortham, ACS
Director, Procurement
Horace Mann Service Corporation


It was an absolute hit!  We did not initially plan to spend this much money on the opening ceremony but it was the best decision we ever made.  It was much better than any opening speaker could have been and the delegates could not stop talking about it.

1200 Delegate interactive Drum Cafe event.

Karin Du Preez


Thank you so much!!!!

I haven’t had an opportunity to touch base with you on Wednesday!!
Thanks so much for contributing to our event, it was fabulous, people were excited, and even the tough crowd in the back got into it!! Very well done!!
It gave our event a great additional dimension, and quite a few people came up to me to not only express that they had great fun, but as well commenting how well versed you were with IPG, and that you probably knew us from before…!!
Excellent job, thank you!

Sabine Krauss
Hewlett Packard


WOW !!!

The Drum cafe ROCKS !!!

Melinda and the team exceeded my expectations – and I did have high hopes based on our earlier conversations

Melinda did a FANTASTIC job with bringing the team together as one – gr-r-reat job leading the team

Here are just some of the comments below that I received:

“Teambuilding event was fun and exciting – what a great idea”

“The drum activity was fun and it was great to see everyone involved”

“Teambuilding was the best ever”

“Drum cafe was gr-r-r-eat”

You definitely put some pressure on me for how to top this next year …. any ideas on what to do next time :)

Thanks again for a gr-reat program

Craig Harlan
PNW Zone
Senior Retail Manager
Kellogg Company


I needed to write to thank each and every one of you for a spectacular Drum Cafe event yesterday. We were very impressed by the quality of the program and the energy of the three drummers, especially the leader Chris. The lessons he taught and modeled regarding non-verbal communication and many ‘voices’ coming together as one will last our students and faculty a lifetime.

I must confess, being a first time Drum Cafe user, I was a little nervous. The process and paperwork to host the event are labour intensive and quite complicated regarding the venue in particular. The cost was also a bit of surprise. With that said, please assure future first timers that the process and paperwork are worth it for the quality of the event and it was worth every penny charged!

So, a warm and whole-hearted thank you for everything. We will see you again in three years when our students have rotated through our three year programme and we have a new crop for you!

Most appreciatively,
Ms. Carey Gallagher
Director of Middle School
St. John’s-Kilmarnock School

Chris and the crew were AMAZING as I would have expected. What was truly uncanny was that the language and topics that Chris talked about – like vulnerability, purpose, goals, individuality were exactly what we had talked about in our session. We had an intense 3 days and this was the icing on the cake. Thanks again Kristina – you guys are amazing and I can’t wait to use you again. I’d like to make you a regular fixture in our team workshops!

Zo Ratansi
Sixsense Inc
Building High Performance Leaders & Teams


Everything went extremely well. Everyone was impressed and pumped
for their afternoon activities. Thank you for all of your assistance with
the set up as we had such a short time frame to execute the distribution of
the drums. You and your team did a fantastic job! Thanks again and we look
forward to working with you again in the future!


Danielle MacFarlane
Program Manager, CWT Meetings & Events


Just wanted to say “thank you!”. It was amazing. The energy, the response – I don’t think anyone really wanted it to end. We’re pitching you for another event in February. Will let you know the details as soon as I can.

Thanks again! The boys were fantastic!
Janie Thacker
President P2t.ca

Thanks to the whole gang for doing such a great job – everyone had a blast at the event, largely due to the Drum Café. You guys were the stars of the day!

Paula Heath – Microsoft


Wow! The Drum Cafe certainly exceeded all expectations at our recent Camp Culture event; l can assuredly say that WOW is the impression your TEAM left on our Employees. [You] really hit the mark with your presentation. [The] facilitation skills combined both learning and FUN and brought the purpose of the…event full circle. It is our responsibility as Leaders at Southwest Airlines to perpetuate our Culture and keep the SPIRIT alive and well. I feel as though with your team’s help we have successfully driven that point home with the 2005 MIT Level II Participants.”

Cheryl Hughey, Director, People and Leadership Development Southwest Airlines, Dallas, TX.


I think the better way to describe it is “completely blown away!” You did a phenomenal job! The executives (along with the attendees) were amazed at how well you incorporated our mission and objectives. I can honestly say that Drum Café was THE highlight of our conference. We continue to hear comments on how much fun it was and how impressed people were with you. We couldn’t be happier and really wanted to express our sincere thanks for the performance you gave – you truly provided us an uplifting experience that enriched our daily lives!

Kristie Schroeder – Starbucks Marketing


It was great to see the team opening up and enjoying the session, plus it was a perfect sync to the late afternoon activities. We greatly appreciate the experience your team and Dale brought to our group and we would like to look into using your team again for some leadership activities… We’ll keep in touch and if you ever need a reference put me on the list. I would highly recommend it to anyone and have already begun spreading the word…
Hope all is well…

Rick M. Peterson
Phillips – Global Brand Innovation Manager


I know that we will be booking the group again sometime in the future for a larger event.
Thank you all and pass on my thanks to Chris, Sunny and the others.

ExxonMobil Business Support Centre Canada ULC An ExxonMobil


“We engaged The Drum Café for a Dell executive development program to support our globalization theme, raise cultural awareness, and help build peer networks. We got more than we asked for as The Drum Café motivated and inspired our management team in a way that was not only fun and entertaining, but relevant. Their understanding of our business objectives resulted in a customized program that supported and enhanced the more traditional elements of the week’s agenda. Thank you for a great experience! We look forward to another opportunity to work together!”

Laura Guenther, Director, Global Learning & Development, Dell Corporation, Round Rock, TX


“The Drum Cafe is a refreshing new alternative to interactive audience participation. The mystique of not knowing what it is all about until you get into the performance is enticing! Drum Cafe creates a synergy and energy that leaves the audience shed of all inhibitions. You must experience it to fully understand!”

Rick Mills, CMP, Director of Event Planning and Operations Marriott Rivercenter/Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX.


“TheDrum Café event was FABULOUS!!!! Dale and his team brought tremendous energy and spirit to it and we all had a GREAT time, and when I looked around the room as people were drumming their hearts out, EVERYONE WAS SMILIING. Thank you for making it such a success! Dale did an incredibly good job of tying the event to Starbucks soul, our teams, what we’ve accomplished this year, and what’s yet to come! Everyone was very impressed with that and the fact that everything he said was so genuine and uplifting. Nothing about it was “canned.”

JoAnn Chrisman, Store Development, Starbucks Coffee, Seattle, WA


“I was at The Wall Street Journals seminar in Austin earlier this week. I wanted to thank you for an awesome experience – you did an amazing job tying in our 2006 goals and Company expectations – it really was incredible. It’s not often you hear people talking about Sales seminars for days after the event, but this time we are! “

Terri Knabenshue, Legal Notice Advertising, The Wall Street Journal, Irving, TX.

“I want you to know that it was more than a pleasure to work with the Drum Cafe. You consistently lifted the spirits at each of the eight HP events. Your “welcome” was the perfect way to kick-off our training events – the reps were “open” and excited when our VPs started to speak. Please let me know if you ever need an enthusiastic reference. It was a privilege to work with your entire team!”

Ms. Louise Gold, Training & Development Manager, Hewlett-Packard Corp, Houston, TX

Just a few words to thank you all for the very special moment that you created at the National Meeting last week. We took the team by surprise, created some thoughts on diversity, and blew them away with the simple, clear message on the vision being the rhythm of the business. The Drum Cafe rated as one of the highlights of the week, and what a week it was. Our team left energised, and emotional…and very motivated to win in the market….our objectives were all achieved. “

Mark Barnard – Vice President – Unilever

“Wow! What a great experience. On behalf of PwC and our Women’s Networking Circles, I want to thank you for our wonderful kickoff and close. We have received tremendous feedback from our women on this great event! [A] special thanks for really hitting the mark with our messages and theme. You really listened to me and ‘connected’ all that we spoke about. I am truly grateful for this and it was noted by many — they were so impressed by how much you knew about PwC and our Circles. Thank you again. I hope our paths cross in the future.”

Joanne McDonough, Director, Office of Diversity, PricewaterhouseCoopers


Thanks to the whole gang for doing such a great job – everyone had a blast at the event, largely due to the Drum Café. You guys were the stars of the day!

Paula Heath – Microsoft


“A very big thanks to The Drum Café team for an absolutely spectacular event. We’re getting lots of buzz from employees and I personally thought your session was fantastic – incredibly motivational and I really couldn’t think of a more perfect way to wrap up our event. I knew you guys would be awesome, but you were better than I had anticipated. I hope we’ll be able to collaborate again in the future.”

Simon McPherson, North America Event Planner, Sabre Travel Network / Travelocity

“It was undoubtedly the most successful event we have ever had. Our 160 attendees from 34 countries were delighted to take part in such a motivational, bonding experience from the moment that they stepped into our building. It was the greatest way to start the week.”

Annet King
Director of Training and Development
The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica


A unique teambuilding experience, unlike anything we’ve done before. ……….. Truly Stimulating!

John Lee – Senior Vice President- CNN


The Drum Cafe event spread enthusiasm like wildfire among my Motorola division. I received more positive feedback from the division heads about this event than any held prior to this. I will definitely be using The Drum Cafe again! Thank you again.

Laura Lazano – Motorola


My sincere thanks to you and your team. Absolutely amazing!!! There is no other way to describe our event. It exceeded every expectation I could have had. This is by far the best teambuilding exercise ever. It was a successful event that will be remembered for years to come. The program was tailored perfectly to our SunnyD culture and reinforced the impact of a team and individual contribution. The only problem I have is what to do for our next program. The bar has been set so high, I don’t think anything could top this. Feel free to use all or part of my comments as a testimonial. Your future clients will not be disappointed.”

Kim Thompson, Sunny Delight Beverages Co. (SunnyD), Sales Coordinator, Cincinnati, OH

“The Drum Café’s performance was everything we expected and beyond. [The facilitation] was smooth as silk and kept the audience’s attention all the way through. Every member of the band was solid and showed their prowess during the solo part of the act.”

David Brentz, Audiovisual Producer, Design and Media Services
American Heart Association

“[The] Drum Cafe was an incredible experience for everyone! Very professional and first class! I would recommend Drum Cafe again and again!”

Shelly Kay, Field Marketing Director/Eastern Division, Whataburger, Inc.


Your group is fantastic, the style marvelous, the cohesiveness you bring to any group of people is extraordinary and the joy and exhilaration we experienced unsurpassed.

Care International


“Partners are still talking about the session we had with you all on the 7th. [Another manager] mentioned how great it was to me today. Thanks to you and your team for doing such an amazing job. I appreciate your passion for what you do.”

Mike Bryant, P artner L earning & D evelopment M anager , H-E-B Grocery Stores, San Antonio, TX.


“Many thanks for helping us make music, the drumming session was most definitely the highlight of the weekend. What a fantastic show.”



Our CEO and other executives have referred to the Drum Cafe piece as the highlight of the meetings, and leaders from all over the world have called to thank us for including your troupe.

Neil Erickson – Corporate Communications Director


“We all had a great time and the feedback has been very positive! Everyone keeps saying this was the “best meeting yet!” and The Drum Café was a big part of why…You got everyone to rock! I hope our paths will cross again in the future!”

Wendy Crothers, Senior Communications Specialist , Memphis, TN


The experience was fantastic,and exceeded even my highest expectations and wishes! My staff was stunned, surprised, and enveloped by the magic. They are still talking about it and we are all working together to make the beat go on!

Gail Hansen – CEO – SunTrust

The drum session we had was thoroughly enjoyed by all. This was a great ice breaker and a wonderful exercise in team collaboration… there was a unanimous conveyance of positive remarks, thank you for winning over even the biggest skeptic in our group.

Camia Peacock – Georgia Power Company


Awesome…… Everyone commented on their ability to engage the crowd and how calm and personable they were.

Ernestine Perry – Kaiser Permanente

fantastic performance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyndon Burrell – National Marketing Manager – PWC Canada

“I want to thank The Drum Café for performing at our event. I got NOTHING but praises on how much FUN everyone had. The purpose of asking you to attend is that we wanted/needed a bonding experience and everyone in attendance now shares this unique relationship. Those who attended are still talking about it and those who didn’t wish they had. Thank you for the experience.”

Deborah Key, AT&T Inc. (Formerly SBC Communications), San Antonio, TX

Thank you so much for your help in making our launch a huge success! We have received wonderful feedback about the whole evening – in particular with regard to the excellent show you and your team put on. It was great to have our Executive

Committee members and guests drumming to the same beat. It really hit home.
Barclays UK


This is one of the most fun things I’ve done in a long time!

Julia Hodges – Aventis Pharmaceuticals


Georgia Pacific’s team building event with The Drum Café was phenomenal. You really demonstrated how important it is to work together to achieve a common goal and drumming together was a great example of this. It was truly inspirational. Thank you!

Melissa Boshart
Georgia-Pacific Corporation


The feedback from everyone across the country was great, and we had representation from every province from Newfoundland to Victoria. Everyone loved the experience of the Drum Café ………………… What I noticed was people really mingled with each …………

Anne Wright – Director Western Canada – Marketing & Segment Sales – CIBC Mortgages & Lending