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Our Roots

Drum Café has educated, inspired and united school children, workforces and a multitude of Fortune 500 executives through motivational techniques, ice breakers for meetings, fun team building activities and interactive drumming across Canada and the world over.

It all started in early post-Apartheid South Africa…

Rewind back to 1998 and you’ll find yourself in a divided South Africa, still reeling from one of the greatest political transitions in recent history. President Mandela was in power and change was well underway, but wounds were fresh and people confronted the uncertainty of their country and culture on a daily basis. Divisions, while closing, were still strong. Everyone wanted change, everyone wanted unity and equality. It is in this climate that Drum Café was born.

Warren Lieberman opened an actual Café in Johannesburg. Inspired by hope for a better country, where cultural and racial bias can be set aside in favor of a respectful, harmonized and united country he drew on traditional African roots and began offering drumming workshops to break down barriers and inspire patrons to believe in change as he does.

The very first Drum Café was a success. People loved the vibe, the freedom to make some noise together. More importantly, they got the message and left a little more certain, a little more united and much more optimistic. Change was happening, one beat at a time.

Brett Schlesinger later partnered up with Warren and opened the famous Drum Café Club in South Africa’s mother city, Cape Town. It quickly took off and soon garnered enough attention to attract the international crowd, becoming an essential part of the tourist route. The message of unity continued to spread, took wings and slowly took hold across the world.

Companies began to see value in what Drum Café had to say and the efficacy with which it was communicated. This wasn’t just team building, this was something else. It brought people together in a dynamic way, it levelled the playing field, created joy, enthusiasm and hope. Drum Café was fun, but it also had meaning. Soon they began approaching Warren and Brett for private sessions.

Understanding that an office environment is a micro culture, a little country of its own, with politics, structure and citizens, the Drum Café model was adapted to create change within corporate culture; the ultimate unifier, the ultimate team building activity.

Interactive drumming activities grew into something bigger

The interactive drumming activities grew into something bigger — something global. Music is a universal language — there’s rhythm in all of us ¬— that allows us to communicate, work together and experience a common sense of belonging. Through music, we learn to be receptive and creative at the same time.

Drum Café was in demand. From Germany to Texas, businesses wanted to create positive change, get everyone on the same page, and unite staff and management within corporate cultures. Drum Café was the answer.

Today, Drum Café’s message is needed more than ever. With Drum Cafes operating throughout the world, offering their services to an international audience, we are now a leader in team building and entertainment. Always remaining true to our message, we want to inspire you, to create a unified workforce and to leave you and everyone on your team with something special.

It doesn’t matter if you are a startup of five or a Fortune 500 company of thousands, our message is for everyone. Each attendee gets a drum to play; each person participates in something truly breathtaking that opens new ways of thinking, closes cultural divides, and unifies toward a common goal.

We also perform at social events, bringing some of the best dancers, musicians and speakers to your venue. Drum Café is on a mission to create positive change and we want you to be a part of it.

Whatever we do, whether succeed or fail, we do together – that’s the most important message of all. Everyone brings their A game when they know where they fit in and realize their value as an individual and part of the whole. Each individual, with their unique personality, traits, and skills functions better within the group when they experience a sense of belonging.

Read some of our testimonials to hear what our clients have to say.

Bottom Line: Drum Café’s methods were forged out of a need to unify in turbulent times, and have since expanded to include corporate clients. We have a proven track record after 19 years in business and have contributed to positive change the world over. Whether an event or a scheduled team building experience; whether participatory or non-participatory; we consistently blow our client’s minds with some of the most spectacular and meaningful performances out there. We are ready to work with you in crafting the most perfect experience for your event or company, and offer our services to everyone, no matter the size of your team.

Drum Cafe Canada’s most popular locations for ice breakers, interactive entertainment, fun team building and interactive drumming include various cities and resorts in across Canada in Toronto, Mississauga, London, Niagara, Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg, Ontario, Quebec & Manitoba.

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