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Drumming for wellbeing

Since the beginning of time, humans have gathered together to drum and discuss what is in the best interest of the community. The Drum represents the heart beat, transporting you to a place of stillness and interconnectivity, a place inside yourself, where boundaries drop, egos fall away and the subtle rhythms of the drum weave […]

The Benefits of Hitting Drums

The Benefits of Hitting Drums As you know by now, Drum Café team loves to hit drums on any occasions because there’s no better way to relieve stress, get smarter and at the same time have a great time surrounded by friends and colleagues. Recent studies conducted in Germany show that learning a musical instrument […]

Drummin conversation

Since ancient times tribes of all kinds have gathered “in circle” to meet, discuss and explore what is in the best interest of the group through drumming and storytelling. Drum cafe is piloting an innovative HR program is specifically designed to focus on the discovery of effective solutions by the group, for the group, in […]