How to write the sat essay

How to write the sat essay

SAT essay requires specific skill and it is easier to use essay writing service; it can be frustrating to know that you only have few minutes to read a passage, analyze the passage and develop a perfect essay based on the passage. SAT essay presents how well you understand the passage, it’s a well thought well-written discussion. Some of the awesome tips that help can help you prepare well beforehand includes , reading the article of text provided to understand the passage before analyzing the passage.
A good SAT essay needs to show your understanding of how the author builds his arguments, including his use of evidence, reasoning and other stylistic techniques in his writing. Writing a perfect SAT essay requires the writer to focus, be organized and precise in his argument. In addition, the writer needs to use appropriate style and tone. Always use relevant information from the passage this will prove that you read the passage, avoid using outside knowledge. When writing a SAT essay since time is limited , you don’t have to mention every single detail to make your argument effective .Focus your discussion on few points for the passage. This shows that you are able to pick only the most important parts of the argument and explain their function. The more you practice writing, the better you get the task of writing an SAT essay.
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Drumming for wellbeing

Since the beginning of time, humans have gathered together to drum and discuss what is in the best interest of the community. The Drum represents the heart beat, transporting you to a place of stillness and interconnectivity, a place inside yourself, where boundaries drop, egos fall away and the subtle rhythms of the drum weave through hands and touch your soul. This state offers the potential for conscious open conversation, deep listening and a natural sense of belonging to the greater whole.

The Drum Cafe, birth child of Warren Lieberman, offers a modern day gathering of diverse communities, ranging from corporate companies, educational Institutions, government and NGO’s, and private celebrations.

The intention – to beat on a drum and feel the deep sense of One. By nature of having a heart beat, we are intrinsically connected to all of nature’s rhythms. Beating rhythmically on a drum shifts us from our left logical brain into
our right intuitive creative brain, opening our worlds to new ways of thinking and feeling.

When we drum in a circle, and are facilitated through the process by African drummers, we are able to feel the oneness of life, a meditation through rhythm, accessing stillness through sound.

This ancient activity of drumming in a circle has been masterfully bridged into the modern world through The Drum Cafe offering various programs:
• Team building through facilitated drumming
• HR training through drum and conversation
• Education programs, for schools and universities
• NGO and charity events
• Interactive theatre
• Road shows

The Benefits of Hitting Drums

The Benefits of Hitting Drums

As you know by now, Drum Café team loves to hit drums on any occasions because there’s no better way to relieve stress, get smarter and at the same time have a great time surrounded by friends and colleagues.

Recent studies conducted in Germany show that learning a musical instrument makes you smarter and this is the reason why German students are required to learn a musical instrument from the very first grade. Besides, playing music relieves both pleasure and pain caused by stress or unsolved problems. What better way to create a joyful atmosphere than hitting something and actually making music and not a mess.

Besides, the energetic movements required to play drums require extensive moves that create and use such a great deal of energy, putting body your and mind to burn energy and renew it. And we all know that accumulated energy inside the body usually means fat and in other cases lead to diseases of all sorts. And we’ve come to another benefit of hitting drums, namely physical exercise and movement. Hitting drums requires ample hand movement helping you tone your arms and do a little cardio.

What else? The best things about making sounds or music is that they help you live the present moment. It’s like when you watch kitties play or just listen to good music. There are times in life when you can just be present and focused on the moment and not desperately live in a hurting past or an anxious future. This is what paying drums offers: the present moment!

Hitting drums and making music in general is human’s most natural way of expressing feelings and emotions and probably the best ever form of catharsis. There are people who are introverts and have hard times showing their true selves and embracing themselves as they are. Drums are one of the best tools in the world to show yourself, put yourself on the table, express what and how you feel without second thoughts and with all your might.

Staying positive is another direct result of playing drums and music in general. They say that a positive energy is integrative and negative one is segregating and that a positive man can change 100 negativists while a negative person can only isolate themselves and live alone. Who really wants to live alone and sad when there’s so much loving energy coming from paying drums and having fun?

Last but not least, playing drums is all about sharing love and spreading the most wonderful gift of life with others human fellows. And this is exactly what we do at Drum Café and what we advise you all to do.

Here is a short list of the benefits of hitting drums:

  • Cardio and arms work out
  • Having fun making music
  • Releasing energy and stress
  • Freeing your mind and body
  • Expressing yourself freely
  • Making a buzz (a lot of buzz)
  • Being the creator of something new
  • Enjoying life and the fact that you exist
  • Being positive and optimistic
  • Creating a deep and profound bound with others
  • Creating a unique moment to remember forever
  • Learning a new musical instrument
  • Engaging your creativity and experimenting
  • Living in the present moment
  • A good night sleep

Drummin conversation

Since ancient times tribes of all kinds have gathered “in circle” to meet, discuss and explore what is in the best interest of the group through drumming and storytelling.

Drum cafe is piloting an innovative HR program is specifically designed to focus on the discovery of effective solutions by the group, for the group, in order to address the challenges that present in the work place. I.E. cultural transition, change management and conflict resolution to name but a few.

The program is custom made for each client after an in-depth consultation to establish clear objectives for the desired outcomes.


Our intentions are to:

Break down barriers,  by asking the most important questions in order to get to know the person you have been working next to for the last 10 years, possibly for the first time.:

  • Who am I?
  • Who are you? –

This is the start of creating a strong feeling of connection and belonging within the group.

Celebrate successes by getting everyone to think about the things that hold them together as a group, rather than concentrating on the things that tear them apart.

Creates an awareness of each person’s unique strengths and important role within the group. Highlights the importance of listening to one another and Aligning to a common goal, mission and vision.

Learning and growing in a group – Using World Cafe techniques, we find the common wisdom in the group, that will best deal with the challenges faced by the group.

Challenges the group to find the best possible solutions together that will effectively deal with the challenges that the group faces

Celebrating our diversity and our strengths by working together to one common goal and by listening to one another, we can make music.

Accelerates productivity through stimulating a sense of creative possibility, sparking creative thought and encouraging lateral thinking


Allin all, a  pure fun and high energy experience creating an opportunity for teams to let go and laugh together

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