Team Building Vancouver

Team building Vancouver – Drum Cafe style!

We customize and bring the Drum Cafe to you. Our team of facilitators, motivational speakers and master drummers will facilitate interactive or performance programs at your venue of choice for team building in Vancouver.

We bring a drum for every participant – from 5 to 5,000. At your team building session in Vancouver everyone will find their rhythm. Hierarchies will be broken down and communications barriers will be dissolved.

Drum Cafe’s high value and sought after unique team development ideas, corporate team building programs, conference presentations and retreats are designed and implemented with the utmost attention to detail. They are available anywhere your group is getting together for team building in Vancouver.

Team Building Vancouver – with a world leading program

Drum Cafe is a world leader in corporate team building programs and conference entertainment. It is our interactive drumming for team building programs that really sets us apart. Sessions are designed to align with purpose, to connect, collaborate, and to engage the beat.

Every Company Has A Rhythm – Drum Cafe’s interactive drumming is a powerful way to make any event unforgettable! Interactive entertainment ensures participation, everyone gets to play a drum. This is event entertainment where each individual is not a spectator, but a performer who is involved at the same level as his or her colleagues, enforcing a cooperative, non-competitive relationship amongst the group.

Organizational charts are vertical or hierarchical, which can create a feeling of separateness. Drumming circles are ‘flat’. In a Drumming Team Building program like-minded individuals come together and merge their rhythmical experience into one musical expression or “group vision” in our corporate wellness programs. Building communities and helping employees manage stress and maintain a work-life balance can increase a sense of well-being. Rhythm is within all of us as a basic universal language that everyone understands, allowing dialogue among us at the most basic creative level.

The process of creating music, like business, has to be understood by everyone to succeed. Nothing brings to life the key elements of effective communication and teamwork, as does a group of people attempting to create music together during the break out sessions.

We customize and bring the Drum Cafe experience to you. Our team of facilitators, motivational speakers and master drummers will facilitate interactive Team Building programs at your venue of choice. Our conference entertainment, team building games, break out sessions & programs are available at all popular locations across Canada in Toronto, Winnipeg, Mississauga, London, Niagara, Ottawa, Montreal, Ontario, Quebec & Manitoba.