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Ian Mikita

Drum Café, Winnipeg

Ian Mikita is a multi-talented artist who proudly contributes his rhythmic skills to the Drum Cafe team, a group he joined in 2011. While he passionately beats the dun-duns, Ian also finds time to engage in various other artistic pursuits. He dedicates himself to teaching children and showcasing his talents with renowned ensembles such as Camerata Nova and the Mariachi Ghost.

Graduating from the University of Manitoba in 2004 with a computer science degree, Ian made a significant career shift in 2007, leaving the I.T. field behind to focus on performance and artistic endeavors. Apart from his musical endeavors, he is an integral member of Wildfire, a local fire performance group formed in 2006. Their captivating displays have graced prestigious events like the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Winnipeg Folk Festival, and Western Canadian Summer Games. Expanding his artistic horizons, Ian has also embraced contemporary dance and is currently honing his skills in that domain.

In addition to his drumming duties, Ian plays an integral role in the local Mexican comic-book-music super-group known as ‘The Mariachi Ghost’ and the cross-genre quartet, ‘The Xanad00ds.’ When he’s not rocking out, you can find Ian lending his voice to cartoon characters or providing training at the Winnipeg ADD Centre, nurturing the talents of young minds.