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Mark Tisdale

Drum Café, Winnipeg

Mark Tisdale, a renowned musician hailing from Winnipeg, has dedicated his life to the art of percussion and music. With an impressive repertoire as an award-winning big band and combo jazz drummer, Mark’s skillset encompasses improvisation and an extensive range of musical styles. His journey into the realm of African drumming commenced during his time studying abroad, where he swiftly honed his expertise in mastering intricate rhythms.

Mark’s creative expression resonates deeply with audiences, leaving them inspired and captivated. His contributions to the Drum Cafe Winnipeg team have earned him great respect and admiration among his peers. Furthermore, Mark’s passion extends beyond his musical talents, as he actively engages with workplace wellness initiatives. By bringing the unique Drum Cafe experience to workplaces in Winnipeg and beyond, he endeavors to foster engagement and inspiration among employees.

Through his multifaceted abilities as a percussionist and workplace wellness professional, Mark Tisdale continues to leave an indelible mark on both the music scene and corporate environments, making him an invaluable asset to the vibrant cultural fabric of Winnipeg.