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Tom Wolf

Drum Café, Ontario

Tom Wolf is a seasoned drums and percussion instructor with an impressive career spanning 35 years. His passion for music started at a young age, and he secured his first teaching position at Neil’s Music in Georgetown, Ontario when he was just 14 years old. Throughout his journey, Tom has continually advanced his teaching career, including stints at the Ontario College of Percussion and Music, while also gaining valuable experience through studio work and live performances.

Tom’s dedication to his craft has taken him on tours across the country and allowed him to be part of various house bands, which has further developed his sense of time, musicality, and endurance. Alongside his work with professional musicians, Tom has maintained a consistent roster of private students and has had three separate tenures at the Ontario College of Percussion, providing him with extensive teaching experience across all age groups and skill levels.

In 2004, Tom ventured into hand percussion and later delved into West African Drumming, joining Drum Café. Currently, he serves as a facilitator and musician on Drum Café’s Toronto team, sharing his expertise and passion for percussion with others. Tom Wolf’s extensive experience and dedication make him a highly respected figure in the world of drums and percussion instruction.