Danny Aaron

Drum Cafe, Canada
Born in South Africa emigrated to Canada in 1979.
Spent 10 years primarily in the ski industry specializing in athlete development coaching ski teams in Whistler and around BC.
In 1993, Danny with business partner Dan Isserow, opened the Nandos chain of fast food restaurants in Vancouver.
In 1997 Danny sold his share in the national Nandos operation and opened a chain of male impotence clinics across Canada.
In 1998 he moved to Sydney, Australia where he ran a chain of 50 impotence clinics similar to the operation he started in Canada. The Australian company saw an average of 65 000 patients per year.
In 2001, Danny moved back to South Africa, where he marketed the Drum Cafe theater production - "Drumstruck" to the international market, before turning the very successful Drum Cafe organization into an international franchise.
Danny now heads Drum Cafe Canada as well as the North American expansion of the Drum Cafe franchise and heads up the Pacific Northwest.

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