Chris O' Neil

Drum Cafe, Ontario

Chris began his percussion studies at Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario, where he held the position of Principal Percussion in the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra for two years. While in Sudbury, Chris began accompanying modern dance for "Earthdancers", which led him to compose music for percussion in collaboration with dancers from Toronto Dance Theatre.
Chris moved to Vancouver in order to complete his Bachelor of Music in Performance Percussion at the University of British Columbia where he studied under Salvador Ferreras.
In Vancouver, Chris played with Okanagan Symphony, the Burnaby Symphony and the Vancouver Island Symphony.
In Vancouver, Chris has become an integral part Vancouver's African drum community where he has performed with Fana Soro's "Masabo Culture Company" and plays the djembe solo in Fana's African dance classes.
Chris was invited to play djembe at the World Rhythm Festival in Seattle with Pepe Danza and the Rhythm Fools. Chris also plays percussion for Pepe Danza's Latin Jazz Band, El Sur.

Chris now heads up the Drum Cafe in Toronto.

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