Tom Wolf

Drum Café, Ontario

Tom has been a drums and percussion instructor/facilitator for 35 years, landing his first post at Neil's Music in Georgetown, On. at age 14. He advanced in his teaching career at the Ont. College of Percussion and Music, inter-mingled with various studio work and live performances. Touring across the country and stints with a couple of house bands provided valuable experience, honing time and musicality, not to mention shear endurance. A steady roster of private students in addition to 3 separate tenures at O.C.O.P. provided countless hours of teaching experience with all ages and levels of aspiring percussionists.
Tom ventured into hand percussion, then later West African Drumming while taking on a position with Drum Café in 2004. He is currently a facilitator and musician on Drum Cafe's Toronto team.

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