Ian Mikita

Drum Café, Winnipeg

Ian is proud to be playing with the Drum Cafe team, joining the group in 2011.

When he's not holding down the beat on the dun-duns, he stays busy teaching kids and performing in multiple groups such as Camerata Nova and the Mariachi Ghost.

Ian Mikita graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2004 with a degree in computer science, but left the I.T. field mid-2007 to concentrate on performance and artistic creation.

He's currently a member of Wildfire, a local fire performance group formed in 2006, who've been featured at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Winnipeg Folk Festival, and Western Canadian Summer Games. More recently he's begun training in contemporary dance.
Ian currently plays drums in the local Mexican comic-book-music super-group know as 'The Mariachi Ghost' and in the cross-genre quartet, 'The Xanad00ds'. When not rocking out, Ian can be found making cartoon voices and training kids at the Winnipeg ADD Centre.

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