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Corporate Entertainment The Drum Café Way

Drum Cafe are the specialists at creating Corporate Entertainment programs that use interactive African drumming to transcend boundaries and convey through memorable experience the impact of your message.

Why does Drum Café’s approach to corporate entertainment work?

Drum Café is unlike anything out there. We aim to make corporate entertainment unique by offering a truly explosive performance that brings everyone together. It shakes people up (in the best possible way) and stimulates the wild, creative part of the mind that makes you feel good – not only about yourself – but also about the people around you.

Workplace culture is evolving because leaders are starting to see the real value in bringing people together; creating faithfulness to a brand or business through emotional connection. Your business is, after all, as good as the people you employ. Getting back to the excitement and pride, getting back to that moment where things are new and people are driven – that’s what we aim to bring to you. When people work together and become aware of how they relate to others on the same team things change for the better. A new drive, a refreshed outlook, sometimes that’s all that it takes to shift from a difficult, stagnating office culture to one that works together to get things done.

Our approach is one rooted in the past, and it brings with it years of proof. If you want a show, you’ll get a show. Chances are, though, that you’ll get so much more.

Drum Café also takes it up a notch by diving into your business, to present your triumphs at the event. We want people be excited by what they are doing. We want to align our entertainment performances with your company values.

Drum Café is a world leader in corporate entertainment programs and team building. We’ve made it this far because we keep evolving, keep improving, and after many years of doing this, have learned what makes a great show. More importantly, we know how to create an experience that has a far reaching, long-lasting effect. Since day one we have had our sights set on making a difference and we’ve been accomplishing that with every job that we do.

Get in touch with us through the contact page. Each client is important to us, big or small. We have extended our services to cater to everyone, irrespective of the size of your company or event, because we believe in what we do and feel that everyone should be able to benefit from what we have to offer.

Get in touch with yourself and others around you. Reconnect with company values and have some fun!

Drum Café drives your message home

Corporate entertainment programs with interactive drumming

We know how to put on a show. Our live performances are always the highlight of any event with positive reviews from some of the biggest organizations in the world. We cover everything from product launches to annual gatherings. Here’s what we offer:

Interactive Performances:

Much the same as our teambuilding programs, the focus here is on conveying a meaningful message while having fun. Interactive corporate programs are led by energetic facilitators who understand how to get people moving with the interactive element adding an extra dimension to the event that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

In addition to the spectacle, interactive team building events are not invasive –meaning that we do not need to make any changes to the venue and they can be scheduled as breathers between other performances or speakers, or as icebreakers and grand finale closers.

Participation is easy and fun. It does not require prior musical skill to participate. Drumming comes naturally to everyone and our facilitators do a great job of bringing the performance together. We have received praise from event organizers and clients across the globe.

Passive performances:

Drum Café has scoured the globe for some of the world’s best performance artists. The non-interactive experience is compelling and colorful, while still retaining a lighthearted touch. We aren’t limited to drums and incorporate a variety of song, various instruments and dance alongside a rhythmic adventure with feel god vibes and a strong message of unity throughout.

It’s time to break away from the same old entertainment. Experiencing Drum Café at a corporate entertainment event leaves people with something to talk about. We go the extra mile for all of our clients, with one of the attendees at an event exclaiming, “It’s like they are one of us!”

Whether a product launch or an extravagant end of the year event, we’ve got you covered with a wealth of experience garnered from performances around the globe, from Canada to Germany, from London to Texas.

Product launches are taken to the next level while we retain focus on you and your product.

Our live performances are crafted to entertain while keeping the spotlight on our clients.

Sit back and relax, we’ll create an unforgettable experience.