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Brigitte Geroud

Drum Cafe, Winnipeg

Brigitte remarkable talents and diverse skill set make her a highly valued member of Winnipeg’s Drum Café. As an accomplished musician, music educator, percussionist, and dancer, she brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to her performances.

Starting as an award-winning pianist, Brigitte quickly expanded her musical horizons and developed proficiency as an African drummer. This versatility allows her to explore various rhythms and styles, infusing her performances with depth and creativity. Her deep understanding of music and rhythm allows her to connect with audiences and create captivating experiences.

In addition to her musical abilities, Brigitte’s background as an elite athlete is evident in her energetic dance performances. Her physicality and stage presence add a dynamic element to her shows, captivating and engaging audiences in a powerful way. Whether she is playing the drums or dancing, Brigitte’s performances are filled with energy, skill, and an undeniable passion for her art.

As a member of Winnipeg’s Drum Café, Brigitte contributes her talents to the group’s collective performances. The Drum Café is known for its interactive and engaging drumming experiences, where participants are invited to join in and create music together. Brigitte’s skills as a musician, educator, and dancer make her an excellent facilitator for these events, guiding and inspiring participants to discover the joy of rhythm and music.

Overall, Brigitte’s lifelong dedication to music, rhythm, and dance shines through in her performances. Her talent and passion make her an invaluable asset to Winnipeg’s Drum Café, where she continues to inspire and delight audiences with her dynamic and captivating shows.