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Breathtaking performance and Interactive drumming event entertainment from some of the worlds top drummers.

“We are pleased to present our engaging and interactive programs, incorporating the delightful harmony of music, drums, Boomwhackers, and an array of other musical instruments. Additionally, we take pride in offering exceptional pure drumming performances, tailored to elevate the entertainment experience at your esteemed corporate events.

Our distinguished artists, having shared the stage with illustrious talents such as Peter Gabriel and Annie Lennox, bring a wealth of expertise and finesse to each show. Notably, we have been honored to provide entertainment for prominent occasions, including the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the esteemed Beijing Olympics.

At Drum Cafe, we boast a lineup of world-class drummers and dancers, allowing us to curate unparalleled entertainment for events of any scale – be it a grand product launch, intimate social gathering, prestigious international affair, corporate gala, wedding, or any celebration deserving of a lasting impression.

Through an exceptional fusion of pure drumming performances and captivating dance ensembles, encompassing West African, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and more, we deliver a dynamic and vibrant spectacle unmatched by any other. Our meticulous event planning ensures seamless integration with your occasion’s theme and ambiance.

With a global reputation for excellence, Drum Café has amassed extensive experience catering to diverse event types worldwide. Prepare to be enthralled by a professionally organized and flawlessly executed performance that will undoubtedly leave your guests craving for more.

As a delightful addition to our ensemble, we introduce the enchanting Boomwhacker – a handheld percussive instrument that harmonizes perfectly with drums and holds its own as a captivating musical delight.

In summary, Drum Café is your go-to destination for exceptional corporate entertainment that surpasses expectations. Allow us to mesmerize your audience and create an unforgettable experience for all to cherish.”

    The Drum Cafe Interactive Program is what we are best known for:
    • Everyone gets a drum or other instrument.
    • Everyone experiences the exhilaration of creating rhythms and music together.
    • The program is a perfect accompaniment to any meeting or event.
    • We can accommodate groups of between 10 and 10,000 people.
    • In any venue worldwide.
    Some great reasons to use interactive drumming:
    • Mental and physical Shift: Interactive drumming has the ability to relax people while at the same time mentally focusing them as a group.
    • Metaphor for Teamwork: The interactive orchestra is a powerful metaphor for unity and collaboration, where analogies can be created that make the session both meaningful and relevant.
    • The WOW factor… Interactive music creates fascinating entertainment that will never be forgotten.
    • It’s a celebration and show, where you get involved.
    • No prior musical skill is required. It’s easy to learn and everyone will be playing along in no time.
    • Suitable for any age and event. Anyone can do this, anywhere.
    • Completely unique. You aren’t going to experience the Drum Café experience anywhere else.
    • FUN.

    Although we provide brilliant pure performances, it is this program that sets Drum Cafe apart from other types of conference entertainment.

    Drum Cafe Canada provides Conference Entertainment and Interactive Drumming programs across Canada in Winnipeg, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Niagara, Calgary, Victoria and Vancouver.

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