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Danny Aaron

Drum Cafe, Canada

Danny Aaron‘s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for learning are evident throughout his career. 

At the age of 16, Danny arrived in Canada from South Africa and began his career as a ski instructor. Over time, he progressed in the ski racing world, achieving a Level 4 ski instructor and a Level 3 ski coach certification from the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance and Coaches Federation by the age of 22.

After a decade in the ski industry, Danny returned to South Africa for three years. During this time, he managed one of the family businesses, focusing on manufacturing and growing a brand of fashion eyewear spectacle frames.

In 1993, Danny, along with his business partner Dan Isserow, ventured into the fast food industry and established the Nando’s brand in Canada. They successfully built the franchise, contributing to its growth and popularity in the Canadian market.

In 2008, Danny sold his stake in Nando’s and shifted his focus to the healthcare sector. He opened the first chain of medical clinics specializing in men’s health in Vancouver. This new venture aimed to address the specific health needs of men and provide specialized services in that field.

Following the success of his men’s health clinic business in Vancouver, Danny moved to Toronto to expand the operation in Ontario. Subsequently, he relocated to Australia to oversee a larger network of similar clinics across the country.

After the sale of the men’s health clinic business in 2001, Danny returned to South Africa and became involved in the Drum Cafe, a team-building and interactive corporate entertainment company. Leveraging his entrepreneurial skills, he launched Drum Cafe in Vancouver in 2003 and quickly expanded the business across Canada. By 2006, Drum Cafe had multiple locations along the west coast of the United States.

In 2010, Danny experienced a significant health issue that prompted him to reevaluate his priorities. As a result, he relocated his family to South Africa for a year-long sabbatical. They settled in Plettenberg Bay, a coastal town on the South African Garden Route, where they still reside.

Despite residing in South Africa, Danny continues to oversee Drum Cafe in Canada and provides consulting services to various businesses. He remains involved in projects related to men’s health clinics in South Africa, as well as ventures in experiential tourism and Airbnb operations.

As a serial entrepreneur, Danny’s constant pursuit of new opportunities and investments drives his ongoing involvement in diverse projects.