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Best Breakout Sessions By Drum Café Canada

If you want to do team building for your organisation, you have to do it with the best. Drum Cafe Canada is a leader in team building, conference organisation, and entertainment. We now that every organisation is different and provide customised activities to address the needs of your company. We even go deeper to customise solutions for every problem. Our interactive drumming ensures that all the delegates remain awake and energetic throughout the break outAi?? session. We break the ice and ensure that conversations flow smoothly in the whole organisation.

Why Choose us?

We know what you want and will never try to hand you a deal packaged for someone else. At Drum Cafe Canada, we are resilient in ensuring that your team finds its own rhythm and every communication barrier is broken. We understand the universal language of music and its creation. We understand the similarity between creating music and business and break down complex issues within the organisation and feed them to the employees in the most basic way possible. We are keen to detail and pay attention to all your organisation’s requirements. Our programs are designed to enhance not only communication but the overall well-being of the employees. We will help you deal with your work-life balance issues and manage any life stresses you are encountering.

The Break out Sessions

Our break out sessions are adrenaline packed sessions that guarantee results within a short period. We will first divide you into smaller groups of around ten people each and send you to different parts of the meeting place. We then give each group twenty minutes to come up with an original musical piece. The rest of the members act as judges as the team presents its piece and they award points for creativity, fun, and rhythm.

Our break out sessions take team building to a whole new level. You have to deliver under pressure and still remain as an intact group. We create a situation where every member is driven from his safe zone as the activities are not related to work. All participants, senior or junior, have to collaborate on a fair playing ground to come up with the best song possible.

At the end of our break out sessions, you will view your fellow employees in a whole new light. As a business leader, you appreciate the strengths of your juniors. As juniors, you gain confidence in yourselves and can easily tackle any tasks you receive in future. We bring our services at your door steps. We are in Ontario, Quebec, Ottawa, Niagara, Toronto, London, Winnipeg, Mississauga, and Manitoba.

Final Word

Try us today. We have delivered over 40000 events and can comfortably say that we have encountered everything. We know our way around the event industry and our activities guarantee you success. We are also the best positioned people to provide you solutions tailored for your organisation and that unique concepts to solve each problem. The drumming concept has been used in Africa for millennia years and the same impact of effective communication and unity has only been enhanced.