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Drummin’ Conversation

Since ancient times tribes of all kinds have gathered ‘in circles’ to meet, discuss and explore what is in the best interest of the group through drumming and storytelling.

Drum cafe is piloting an innovative HR program is specifically designed to focus on the discovery of effective solutions by the group, for the group, in order to address the challenges that present in the work place. I.E. cultural transition, change management and conflict resolution to name but a few.

The program is custom made for each client after an in-depth consultation to establish clear objectives for the desired outcomes.

Our intentions are to:

Break down barriers, by asking the most important questions in order to get to know the person you have been working next to for the last 10 years, possibly for the first time.:

  • Who am I?
  • Who are you?

This is the start of creating a strong feeling of connection and belonging within the group.

Celebrate successes by getting everyone to think about the things that hold them together as a group, rather than concentrating on the things that tear them apart.

Creates an awareness of each personai??i??s unique strengths and important role within the group. Highlights the importance of listening to one another and Aligning to a common goal, mission and vision.

Learning and growing in a group. Using World Cafe techniques, we find the common wisdom in the group, that will best deal with the challenges faced by the group.

Challenges the group to find the best possible solutions together that will effectively deal with the challenges that the group faces

Celebrating our diversity and our strengths by working together to one common goal and by listening to one another, we can make music.

Accelerates productivity through stimulating a sense of creative possibility, sparking creative thought and encouraging lateral thinking

All-in-all, a pure fun and high energy experience creating an opportunity for teams to let go and laugh together