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Drumming For Wellbeing

Since the beginning of time, humans have gathered together to drum and discuss what is in the best interest of the community. The Drum represents the heart beat, transporting you to a place of stillness and interconnectivity, a place inside yourself, where boundaries drop, egos fall away and the subtle rhythms of the drum weave through hands and touch your soul. This state offers the potential for conscious open conversation, deep listening and a natural sense of belonging to the greater whole.

The Drum Cafe, birth child of Warren Lieberman, offers a modern day gathering of diverse communities, ranging from corporate companies, educational Institutions, government and NGOs, and private celebrations.

The intention – to beat on a drum and feel the deep sense of One. By nature of having a heart beat, we are intrinsically connected to all of nature’s rhythms. Beating rhythmically on a drum shifts us from our left logical brain into our right intuitive creative brain, opening our worlds to new ways of thinking and feeling.

When we drum in a circle, and are facilitated through the process by African drummers, we are able to feel the oneness of life, a meditation through rhythm, accessing stillness through sound.

This ancient activity of drumming in a circle has been masterfully bridged into the modern world through The Drum Cafe offering various programs:

  • Team building through facilitated drumming
  • HR training through drum and conversation
  • Education programs, for schools and universities
  • NGO and charity events
  • Interactive theatre
  • Road shows