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Team Building Activities For Work – The Investment Is Worth It

Team building activities – just how do we determine their value? The big players discovered the benefits of team building early on, and now it is becoming recognized as an indispensable part of the growth of any serious business.

That being said, determining ROI may pose something of a challenge. Normally, it’s relatively easy to get figures down on paper – you put this much in and you get X out. The math speaks for itself.
The very nature of team building activities for work defies this concept. You’re investing in people. Not only that, but you’re investing in the entire team and their ability to gel, not an individual course focussed on skills development or team training. There are no papers to bandy about afterwards. Team building activities are centred on building inter-personal relationships, a quality of dynamic between members. How do you measure success when the commodity which you purchased (the firm paid for) is so intangible? It’s not like you can ask Patrick if he likes Joe a little better, trusts him a little more.

Thing is, it turns out that team building activities can easily be valued.

Take a look at this: Divide the benefits derived from the team building activity by the cost and you have the return on investment. Simple.

How does it reflect on paper? Increased productivity resulting in increased profitability, that’s the bottom line.

Team building activities for work allows employees to perform better by fostering a shared sense of purpose and assisting greatly in improving conflict resolution skills, ultimately leading to a more comfortable workplace environment. The Fortune 100 best companies to work for agree: Google, Acuity, The Boston Consulting Group, Wegmans Food Market, all rank in the top four spots on that esteemed list and they all experience continued increased revenues.

Turns out there’s a wealth of information to support the fact that setting the stage for good in-house vibes and a cohesive vision means more profit, with engaging and fun team building activities for work playing a vital role in generating that sought after atmosphere. The Drum Café experience is tailored to get it right on every level. Clients like Starbucks, IBM, Intel, Barclays and many others make use of their services because they know how important it is to the bottom line.

After a few minutes spent in any workplace, I can easily tell whether the employees are unified – whether they are happy and productive, or whether their efforts are scattered and communication has gone down the drain. There is a palpable sense of purpose where employees share ideas with ease, work with management and enjoy making things happen.

Team building activities for work aren’t just a fad or a short time-out for employees, they are an investment, a real investment that yields returns in the form of increased productivity and increased profits. Drum Café makes the experience something special. They know why you are making the investment in the first place. They have crafted their activities to bring results. Considering team building activities for your workplace? The investment is worth it.