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Team Building Activities

Are you looking forward to your next round of team building activities?

It’s a part of modern office culture – take the fortune 500, they have made team building activities a staple form of initiation. A “strengthening phase” it’s often called. The focus is on integration and getting to be comfortable with the brand you are representing. Understanding that your voice is an integral part of the unique harmony composed of the various talents and characters in your workplace.

It’s not easy, starting out in a new work environment. The ebb and flow of your daily routine has changed ever so slightly, the casual ease with which you fulfilled your role in your old job, the simple slip into the daily groove where you felt at ease to be as productive as you could is now slightly off beat. It’s like fitting on a new shoe that presses a little at the heel or a tune on an LP that hits a scratch here and there. Clicking with the other characters can take a while.
Team building activities smooth the process over. Get to know the people you are going to be spending your time with, get your voice in tune with the rest, and learn to trust your co-workers. If you trust your team you trust your brand.
Getting into a headspace of belonging makes it much easier for you to comfortably be your brilliant best self and do what needs to be done. Team building is fun. It’s sometimes crazy. It’s more important than you know.

I’m not going to tell you about that exercise where they had someone with his hands tucked into his wildly flapping sleeves dictate to the others, who were blindfolded, how to build little houses out of toothpicks in front of fans. Not all team building activities are made equal. Yes, it’s funny now and yes, Rob from accounting will never live down what he said that day, but I can’t really remember what else I took away from that experience.

Team building activities are awesome when they leave us feeling better about where we work, about where we belong, and about the great people that we rely on to be great ourselves. Feeling like we’ve got each other’s backs means a lot more for productivity than I’d ever thought it would.
Drum Café offers a space to get there quickly. Hearing your sound among the rest puts everything into perspective, knowing that others hear you – your beat as loud as the rest. It’s a way of saying that you are in this together. That each person has a voice and that you, yes you, are an integral part of the whole.