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Change & Transformation

Drum Cafe’s transformational drumming events are recognized as catalysts for effecting smooth change inside organizations. Our programs break down barriers like negative attitudes, poor communication, and resistance to culture shifts. Topmost requests...

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Culture Building

Developed originally as a method to unite the multi-cultural workforce in the new South Africa, Drum Cafe’s interactive events level the playing fields, connect people deeply, and eliminate barriers – organizational, social or cultural. Drum Cafe is...

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Collaboration & Teamwork

Making music is naturally a collaborative, cooperative endeavor – an outstanding representation of teamwork that goes beyond traditional teambuilding. Participants are not separated into silos and made to compete with one another. The results are...

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Unity & Diversity

Drum Cafe brings Interactive Group Drumming as a vehicle for unity and alignment. A musical ensemble can’t make music without a tie that binds, an agreed-upon backbone or guiding principle that keeps everyone aligned and focused. Without alignment,...

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