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Drum Café Overview

What Is Drum Cafe?

Drum Cafe is an interactive events company, born 23 years ago in South Africa and now operating in 19 countries. We have delivered events in 59 countries for virtually every type of meeting.

“How do I make my event exciting, memorable, relevant AND valuable all at the same time?”

Drum Cafe discovered many years ago that we can be fun and memorable and that is what got us on the map. Drumming is exciting and wakes people up. It was not long though before we realised that that was not enough. We had to be relevant and valuable too and this is how we have done it:

We are:

RELEVANT because we take the energy created in an interactive event and make that a metaphor for other areas of business. With the right ENTHUSIASM, FOCUS, CONNECTION, CLEAR INSTRUCTION AND IMAGINATION you can get a group to come alive. After we have done this with the drumming, we remind people that those are the elements that work in business too.

Music can teach us about life and about business.

VALUABLE because we get people off their screens, out of their heads and connecting with the person sitting next to them. This wakes people up and makes them present. Once people are focussed energised and feeling present and awake you can achieve great things. They are listening to the message of the conference, building relationships with other guests and delegates and finally feeling good about being there.

Getting delegates into a receptive, positive and awake state of mind is pure gold for a conference.

EXCITING & MEMORABLE go without saying for anyone who has been to a Drum Cafe event and after 74,000 shows delivered across the world for virtually every kind of meeting you can imagine, we certainly have learned how to do that perfectly every time we step out in front of an audience.

People are not easily impressed in this day and age and if you aren’t compelling you will be forgotten.

Drum Café Overview Video

Team Building Overview Video

Drum Cafe is a high-energy interactive experience that has been redefining team building globally. We are one of Canada’s leading providers of dynamic, interactive programs for team building and corporate entertainment. We’ve been changing the team building landscape by creating unforgettable events that incorporate interactive African drumming along with some of the world’s best speakers, performers, and a whole lot of attention to detail.

Our corporate interactive drumming for team-building programs, conference presentations and breakout sessions are designed to align with purpose, connect, collaborate, and to engage the beat of your corporate culture.

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