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Team Building The Drum Café Way

Drum Cafe are the specialists at creating Team Building programs that use interactive African drumming to transcend boundaries and convey through memorable experience the impact of your message.

The Drum Cafe Team Building Experience

Drum Cafe provides a team building experience unlike any other. With global reach and rave reviews from some of the biggest international clients, Drum Café has a proven track record as a leader in Team Building. We recognise that each organisation has its own unique culture, values, and challenges and we go to great lengths to tailor our team building events to suit your exact needs. Everyone gets a drum and everyone gets involved. We create a unique experience that instantly dissolves barriers and allows for the greater message of collaboration and a united drive toward a common goal to be thoroughly experienced in an unforgettable interactive moment. We promise a vibrant, dynamic, and lasting team building experience that is uniquely effective at helping you overcome the specific challenges your organisation faces.

For more than a decade, Drum Café has been a world leader in the development and execution of interactive team building programs, customising each event to our client’s requirements. The added component of drumming, a practice deeply rooted in our history, is used to great effect in crafting a powerful experience that makes each individual aware of the role he/she plays and its value to the whole. A feeling of camaraderie, unity and trust quickly develops when you become aware of the importance of your sound. The physical act of drumming, rhythmic, and auditory engagement dramatically increase the likelihood that the lessons learned will be retained and carried with each participant long after the event has ended.

Interactive drumming is an immersive experience. It teaches us to be aware of ourselves, our own contribution and our creative energy. It gives us the experience of finding our flow, letting go of what holds us back and taps into that part of us that allows us to give our best possible performance. We become far more conscious of our role and, in so doing, understand the value of what we offer. It teaches us to find our place of harmony within the whole. That’s the moment we develop the capacity for greater productivity, workplace happiness and the ability to interact with others in a natural and holistic manner.

We learn much more quickly through experience than through passive accumulation of knowledge. The interactive musical component of our drumming sessions creates an immediate feedback loop, whereby participants absorb information far more quickly than if they were to just listen to a lecture. The talks are accompanied by subtle realisations that speak to the subconscious in a profound manner: How to be aware of our actions so that we can become our best selves; how to take an active part in our community and make a valued contribution. We also learn how to trust others to do their part, allow them to make mistakes, to improve, become their best while we accept ourselves, acknowledging both our strengths and our weaknesses.

Experts, from scientists to researchers to motivational speakers and CEOs have assisted us in the development of our interactive team building program and we keep taking things to the next level by listening to people like you and the rest of our past clients and companies from different industries all over the world.

We are proud to announce that, given the chance, we’ll blow you away.

We cater to groups of anywhere between five and five thousand. Whether it be a “mom and pop” shop or a massive corporation, we are experienced at adapting the program to provide the most appropriate experience for the organisation. With your input, we customise the event so that it incorporates your company mission, goals, recent achievements and values. We align our presentation with your needs in order to deliver an event that has practical value back at the office.

Drum Cafe’s world-proven team building programs are guaranteed to build powerful teams and unite companies

Benefits following Drum Cafe’s team building program:

  • Workers work more efficiently together.
  • Departments start communicating with greater efficiency.
  • Break down barriers between staff
  • Close the gap between top management and workers
  • Staff is motivated to perform better
  • Increase productivity
  • Emphasis on Team Work

The Drum Cafe’s team building program is designed to:

  • Break down barriers to create a more open organisation.
  • Align to a common goal, mission or vision.
  • Improve Communications through accurate feedback.
  • Accelerate productivity by motivating staff and improving their ability to listen to each other
  • Motivate by concentrating on getting your team to work together

This is truly a case of unity through diversity. We create a one of a kind percussive orchestra that provides immediate feedback to the participants. As they interact and shape the soundscape with their own input, they become aware of their own value to the organisation as a whole. It’s a practical demonstration of unity and movement toward a common cause that relaxes, motivates, and unites.

How the Drum Cafe team building program works

First, we break down barriers, level the playing field, with an opening of non-verbal communication. From the very onset, we require participation. It gets people awake and open and engaged. The entrance is dynamic and the freedom to join in is almost irresistible. We tap into something that everyone can do. Playing along doesn’t require any special skill – it’s a universal language that spans all cultures and comes naturally. Scientifically, it has been proven that the action associated with drumming to a rhythm, along with the sound, creates a heightened mental state where cognitive abilities, such as concentration and memory recall, are amplified. The fact that everyone joins in also communicates to the subconscious in a profound manner – We are all in this together, everyone here is part of the same family. It’s not just music, but rather this specific type of collaborative creation, that creates cohesion between members and serves to bring together in a communal sense.

Second, we align everyone to a common theme through the bass note, the foundation of the music. The bass note drives the sound. It forms the underlying structure whereupon the rest of the rhythm can be built. In every organisation, before true success can be realised, there needs to be alignment or some sort, a move to a common understanding and belief in the vision, mission and values inherent to the success of the business. These core ideals are a constant. It’s the soul of the organisation and the foundation of success. Without a deep understanding of these principals, the rest of the structure is at risk. The bass note is a reintroduction to this most important aspect of any business. We use the power of the bass note, the alignment of the music, as the metaphor for demonstrating the power of alignment to the group.

Third, we explore the diversity in each and everyone’s unique and individual contribution through the tone note. This allows members to understand the value of their individual contributions and the difference they make to the organisation. Their unique input creates a real and tangible difference. They are not just a number or unimportant, one forgotten amongst many. The tone note audibly represents an immediate representation of their worth. Through call and response, the importance of communication is also explored. By providing accurate feedback, we learn the necessity of fluid and idea sharing. We also explore leadership and learn the importance of being perceptive. Leadership is about knowing when to play and not to play. When it is time to take the lead and when it’s time to support your peers. We want each participant to leave with something that improves their life and that adds value to the life of your organisation as a whole.

An all-out celebration of self-expression and leadership marks the close of team building sessions. It’s here where we hand out fun percussive instruments and pull all of the skills learned earlier together to create a truly magnificent experience that drives the message home. Everyone is invited to play their part in creating something bigger than themselves in a moment that represents a celebration of diversity, contribution and leadership that will leave a lasting impression.

Turn your company or department into a community.

Unique and customised team building

The beauty of our custom-made team building programs and corporate entertainment is that every aspect of the event is tailored to meet (and surpass) your needs and expectations. We take into account the culture of the company, the context and message of the event, time and budget. Your employees can sit back and watch the show, or you can select employees to rehearse and perform with our team. We also customise interactive events, where everyone in the audience participates.

The value of customised team building

Team Building has become a buzzword with many different connotations and assumptions. In the context of corporate development, team building exercises are important not just for productivity and efficiency of the activities performed by the team, but also for the group skills, communication, morale and bonding that it creates within the organisation.

People fall out of sync with company values over time. Communication barriers between employees and management result in job dissatisfaction and a feeling of being undervalued. Unpleasant office politics may arise, causing discord and disruption to productivity.

The quickest means to resolve these issues and get back on track is in enabling a shift in perspective. That means getting everyone motivated and in alignment with the company vision. The team building activity used is merely the means to the end. Once an organisation decides to embrace a team building program, it is important to plan an activity that will give you maximum benefit based on your current challenges and goals. Good team building activities are designed to motivate people to contribute and perform at their individual best and as team players.

Unfortunately, not all team building activities are made equal and some can have a contrary effect. Team building that isn’t customised can seem arbitrary, vanilla, and forced. People don’t get as invested. More often than not, it can seem like a waste of time. We get that people don’t necessarily want to be singled out. We also understand that your time is valuable, as is the time of each employee.

Bottom line: We have developed a high-impact learning experience that unites and creates an amazingly cohesive atmosphere amongst participants, while still being fun, memorable, and extremely valuable going forward. We’ve achieved this by investing in YOU. We take an in-depth look at where you came from and where you want to find yourself in the future. We address your challenges and seek to understand your vision and, in so doing, become a part of your team.

We also understand what makes a good team building exercise. An interactive approach to our motivational workshops allows for a better grasp on the principles being espoused and the very act of drumming itself allows for better retention and concentration throughout. Plus, it’s a blast!

By taking employees out of the day-to-day office routine we create a space where office politics, distractions, and habits are forgotten and personal barriers are deconstructed in an enjoyable way. The benefits of Team Building programs are so significant that many companies incorporate regular Team Building programs into their strategy. The Drum Cafe method has been tested and praised by some of the largest corporate giants as being highly effective with genuine change carrying over into the workplace.

The benefits of Team Building include:

  • Breaks down the barriers that obstruct creativity
  • Defines objectives and goals of the group
  • Create communication that improves processes and procedures
  • Increase organisational productivity
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of teams and individuals
  • Improves problem-solving ability
  • Increases morale
  • Builds leadership skills
  • Helps tap into hidden potential

Team members often discover that diversity is an asset and that trust, cooperation and effective communication are the keys to success as a group.

Drum Cafe’s customised Team Building programs are fully scalable as we believe that everyone should be able to experience the best in team building and understand that it’s not always possible to gather larger groups together. From as few as five participants all the way to packed auditoriums of five-thousand, we look forward to assisting you in creating the ideal corporate community. A Drum Cafe customised corporate team building program takes the form of and/or integrates into a conference, breakout sessions, retreats and sales meetings as well as focused Team Building getaways.

Program costs are determined by the number of participants, the location of the event and the type of program you choose.

Team building programs with interactive drumming

The drum has been used to break down barriers, unite communities and promote open communication for thousands of years. In Africa and in many other cultures around the world, before any major tribal decision is made, the community gathers together at the center of the village to beat drums and make music together. Your organisation is, in essence, a community. It operates at its best when there is a contiguous vision shared by everyone. This common alignment allows for easy communication of ideas and sharing of responsibilities resulting in a more productive, more efficient environment. It’s also well-documented that general workplace happiness plays a great role in enabling improved performance. This joyous making of music breaks down barriers and creates a sense of unity. In doing so, an organisation becomes more effective in its decision making and experiences increased levels of cooperation.

Drumming is a universal expression that transcends all boundaries. Drum Cafe teaches staff to increase productivity and efficiency through better team work. The methods used by Drum Café are effective because, like a business, music requires communication and teamwork to reach its potential. As we all drum together, every member of our audience participates and feels like a part of something bigger. Individuals better understand their roles. The most significant lesson Drum Café teaches audiences is that we all succeed — or fail — together.

Our approach

Everyone gets a drum and everyone gets to play together. There are no spectators in the workplace, everyone plays a vital role. It’s exactly that translation of the workplace that we convey through our team building events. We capture the necessity of each individual’s contribution and elevate each participant to the same level, communicating value and appreciation. Collaborative, not competitive, relationships are the cornerstone of most successful organisations; a free-flow of action and ideas that promotes growth, positive interpersonal relationships and a general sense of camaraderie in the pursuit of a goal in alignment within the framework of company values. This is team building that creates change and allows people to feel valued.

Our approach works because we craft it around what makes you special. The customisation aspect of our planning phase plays a massive role in our success as leaders in the team building arena. Not only do we deeply care about creating an experience that targets your values and challenges, but we offer something absolutely unique in the form of African drumming. We are a world leader in corporate team building programs and conference entertainment. Sessions are designed to align with purpose, to connect, collaborate, and to engage the beat.

Organisational charts are vertical or hierarchical, which can create a feeling of separateness. Drumming circles are ‘flat’. In a Drumming Team Building program, like-minded individuals come together and merge their rhythmical experience into one musical expression or “group vision” in our corporate wellness programs.

The process of creating music, like a business, has to be understood by everyone to succeed. And that requires that we understand each other and how we fit in relative to the other personalities that comprise the rest of our immediate space, department, or the organisation as a whole. With this knowledge, we are more aware of the value of our actions and the importance of proper communication when sharing ideas or collaborating on a task. Whatever it might be, challenges are always easier to overcome when there is a sense of cohesion among members.

A sense of trust grows between employees when they are united and have understood the value of stepping back when necessary. Drumming allows for us to be aware of others and our place relative to them, thereby acting in a manner that is more conducive to fostering better workplace relationships.

We customise and bring the Drum Cafe experience to you, wherever you are. We take the time to get to know you so that we are best able to deliver a program that leaves an impression. Our team of facilitators, motivational speakers and master drummers will facilitate interactive Team Building programs at your venue of choice.